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Verified Phone Lost Ark KR OnStove Account

Product Review (submitted on September 28, 2017):
The verification works fine! The only thing i cant add the stove authenthicator mobile cause is an verified account, but i changed my password. The only problem is that i buyed late cause cant play obt coz obt ended and then cbt2 ended. The only can i do is to wait for cbt3 and apply in the website. But the good news is now I have the account verified and i can apply cbt3 someday, and i could downloaded the STOVE client. Thanks OBTGame! only one question the onstove cash points, if i buy it, i can add the cash in my verified stove account?
Verified Phone Lost Ark KR OnStove Account

Buy verified Lost Ark Korean account to play this game from everywhere tough you don't have korean phone number. This is Rent Account which can re-verify, need to recharge before expire date.