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Activate Chinese Apple ID Redeem Feature

Product Review (submitted on October 7, 2018):
AAAA OK SO I’m rlly happy about this tbh, sure when you first look at it it’s like, really? $12??? Ughhh,,, but if you think about it??? It’s not that much money for what it is??? It’s a very great price!!! Likeeee,, ???? Okok so I bought it before I knew their hours of operation so I was like rippp I gotta wait for them to be at work of course,,, bc of course with my luck I’d order at 2 am their time LMAO. But !!! I checked my phone not even 30 minutes after their hours of operation began, aND THERE IT WAS, COMPLETED, ASAP. I was skeptical beforehand too but??? I mean, I was like, ehhhh it’s just $12... and PayPal is SUPER secure... BUT OMG IM SO GLAD I DID grgxhdhx
$12 is great for a one time purchase since you’ll only have to do this once for each account. BUT YES IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO AND BOUGHT A GIFT CARD BEFORE KNOWING YOU HAD TO VERIFY AND ARE DESPARATE FOR YOUR MONEY- DOOOOOOOO THIS
100000000% recommend

rant over

oh also if ur here bc of Hatsune Miku dreamy vocal add me my username is Loriloid ;)
Activate Chinese Apple ID Redeem Feature
Pass through Chinese Apple ID verify info step to activate China Apple ID redeem feature, then you can use Chinese iTunes Gift card to top up cash for your account.