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Game – PC | WBT Account on Neosteam
Hi, i want to know if i can buy a working account for this game.
Game Name: Neosteam
Website: http://zqhx.8yx.com/Main/index.html
Request by Lendra, len****c@mail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
yes, we can make it, the price is $13.

order $13(input quantity 13) here https://www.obtgame.com/convenient-link-for-regular-customer.html
Others | Buy hearts on http://www.hacktv.co.kr/live/bookmark
Hi, I want to buy hearts on this website: http://www.hacktv.co.kr/live/bookmark. Do you provide this service?
Request by Triet Ong, minhtriet1****7@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
yes, we can hearts for http://www.hacktv.co.kr
the price is same as https://www.obtgame.com/winktv-heart-cash-points-cash-item.html

you can order here https://www.obtgame.com/winktv-heart-cash-points-cash-item.html

and send your hacktv account and password to us after purchase.
Others | FLO Music
Hey, How much cost a verified FLO Music account + Stream service ?
Request by Marcos, Vergag****e@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
check here https://www.obtgame.com/verified-flo-music-account-buy-flo-music-streaming-pass.html
Game – PC | Game account
The is called Xiah, i can't create an account because it's all in Korean.
I tried, but even with a translator i can't get a korean phone number for example.
WEBSITE: http://xiah.onlinegame.com/
Request by Neto Trajano, netotraja****n@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
yes, we can make it.
the price is $20

order $20(input quantity 20) here https://www.obtgame.com/convenient-link-for-regular-customer.html
Others | Smartoon
I want to have an account to read webtoons in smartoon.co.kr

Thank you
Request by Rassaa Imen, rassaa.ma****9@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
yeah, we can make it, the price is $17

order $17(input quantity 17) here https://www.obtgame.com/convenient-link-for-regular-customer.html
Others | Chinese PSN
Hello, as far as I know chinese psn doesnt have prepaid cards. I have chinese account and is there any chance that I give u password and login can you add funts to wallet via chinese card and then delete that card from that account and give account back?
Request by BrozYn88, b****n@op.pl / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
yeah, Top Up CN PSN eWallet here https://www.obtgame.com/playstation-network-china-account-game-in-cn-store.html
Others | Korea Interpark
Hello, are you able to create account on korea interpark site? Thank you
Request by AL, chen****3@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
yes, we can make verified account of Interpark

the price is $17,

order $17(input quantity 16) here https://www.obtgame.com/convenient-link-for-regular-customer.html
Others | Verified Melon Account Melon Pass
Hello! Can you still help in buying verified melon acc with melon pass(30 days for listening music + download 30 songs)? Thank you.
Request by Halley, hkat****o@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
sure, check here https://www.obtgame.com/buy-melon-plan-download-listen-songs.html
Others | Kakaopage manhwa
I want to buy a coin and a verified korean account to buy some manhwa called light and shadow. Please sell it.
Request by Miranty, Mirantyle****i@hotmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
yes, we can do it. how much coins do you want?
please add our skypeid obtgame for detail.
Others | Verified Melon Account under my name
Can you help me make a verified melon accout for streaming un melon korea? It has to be under my name and birthday.
Request by Trina Mae Ocampo, tmgo****o@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
sorry, it is impossible to make Melon account with your name and date of birth.
Request by James Eliju Hawkins, eli****w@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
you can buy it with with DIGIMON MASTERS cash points, check here https://www.obtgame.com/digimon-master-online-cash-points.html
Others | Verified Melon Account
I was wondering if it would be possible to get a verified Melon account in my name? The account needs to be in my name to get into music shows or it is impossible for me to attend. Is this possible?
Request by Danielle Chrislaw, Danielle****1@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
sorry, it is impossible to make Melon account with your name and date of birth.
Others | Verified Melon Account.
I would like to get a Melon account to get a melon pass but was wondering if you can make one with my name and date of birth if possible.
Request by Christina Vu, c****2@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
sorry, it is impossible to make Melon account with your name and date of birth.
Others | 중고나라 member application
Can you help me complete the joonggonara member application? I had my naver account verified but am not fluent in korean so I am not sure what to answer for the questions.

Request by yanu, iyanuo****a@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
yeah, we can do it, check here https://www.obtgame.com/verified-naver-account-play-footballday.html
Others | Bomtoon 19+
Hi I'm from the US and I'm an adult and need help on verfying that on the korean webtoon site named bomtoon
Request by hibo A Haybe, hibo****e@gmail.com / (Requested on 6/4/2019)
check here https://www.obtgame.com/verified-lezhin-mrblue-manhwa-comics-webtoons-account.html

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