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Product Review (submitted on July 19, 2015):
Fantastic service!
As many have proven before me the delivery time fluctuates depending on the availability of OBT staff during your time of purchase, so time of reception can range anywhere from ten minutes to a couple of hours. Which really is no time at all, especially for such a service. (Keep in mind they're on Korean time) For me personally I was having some issues on my end of the deal, mainly with VPN lines, etc. However, OBT support stuck by me until I had things up and running, and I'm now a happy Maplestory 2 account holder. Once you get a proper VPN (I'm using "Mudfish" -en.loxch.com ) the game runs with no issue. Depending on location a VPN may not even be necessary, though it may be safe to use one anyway. Although I don't really know. Anyway, in conclusion... The game is great and if you want to play it go ahead and give these people your money.
Happy Mapling Everyone!
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