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Verified NetMarble Korean Account

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Verified NetMarble Korean Account

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Buy one verified NetMarble Korean account to play all games publised by NetMarble

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This account can't play Arthdal Chronicles, Raven 2.... need to use Netmarble Connect, if you want to play game via Netmarble Connect, check here https://www.obtgame.com/rent-verified-netmarble-kr-account-raven2-arthdal-chronicles.html

Netmarble Games, a subsidiary of CJ Corporation, is a developer, publisher, and sponsor of free online games operating a portal of the same name. You can only create an account if you have a South Korean citizenship registration number. If not, you can buy verified NetMarble Korean account from us.

Official Website: http://www.netmarble.net/  You should delete netmarble.net cookie and change broswer language to korean.

What game can you play with the account?

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