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How to Play New Server Black Desert Korea

Previously, Black Desert South Korea server published by Daum, now, this game switched to new website, it is kr.playblackdesert.com. Here, learn how to play Black Desert KR New Server.

      1. Two options:
        First, Purchase an account. Second, create an account and buy the Verify Account Service. Either way, account will still work.
      2. Download the game from www.kr.playblackdesert.com. Use Chrome to take advantage of the built-in Translate option to find the download page.
      3. Install.
      4. Log in using the username and password you purchased. Otherwise, the launcher will not download the Client Files. You can use an unverified account for DOWNLOADING THE PATCH ONLY. Unverified account cannot play the game. WARNING: Downloading the client with VPN or Internet Download Manager COULD BREAK THE CLIENT FILES if the connection is not stable. Download the game without VPN or the zip version without IDM.
      5. Once the game is finished patching, Press Start Game button. System will ask you to transfer old daum account or start a new adventure, unable to transfer old daum account due to need original phone number of old daum account. Please ensure to click the second button to start a new adventure, do not click the left button.playblackdesert-krYou can play WITH or WITHOUT any VPN but it is safer with VPN.
      6. Press Start "시작" button and will put a Panel where it will ask you to create a Six-Digit PIN. Don't use easy patterns or the account will be blocked. Accounts cannot be re-verified. Enter the Numbers twice. Incorrect entry will also make the account blocked.
      7. Create a Family Name. Enter on the box provided. Take note that Family Name CANNOT BE CHANGED once created. It can only be changed by using "Family Name Change Card" which is a Premium Item. It needs Cash Points and OBTGAME has Cash Points for Black Desert. Buy here.
      8. Enjoy!

Note: Remember the Password and the Six-Digit PIN. In case it is hard to remember, use a Password Manager App on your phone or write on a piece of paper and secure that paper.

Thank you for player Angelique write this tutorial for us.