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How To Top Up Korea Valorant Points VP

Korea Valorant Points (abbreviated: VP) are one of the two in-game currencies. For Valorant KR account security, some players don’t want to tell other people about their Valorant KR account information. So they would like to choose to top up Korea Valorant Points by themselves.So we write this tutorial is aim to help those people who want to top up VP by themselves. Here, we will show you how to top up Valorant KR VP with Smart Culture cards. Please take note this tutorial is only suitable for recharge by Smart Culture card. Firstly, I think you have got Valorant KR account. Secondly, purchase KR Valorant Points card from one reliable seller. OBTGame is a reliable Valorant KR VP card provider. Ahead to buy with confidence from OBTGAME. Once ordered, you will get redeem codes, consist of numbers. If you want to top up Valorant KR by yourself, why not Buy Valorant KR VP Card to get started to secure your account.

  • 1. Login Valorant KR client, if there are multiple countries’ Valorant client, please double check. Tap cash icon as photo.

How To Top Up KR Valorant Points VP 1

  • 2. Pop up a window. You can choose the amount of VP card you want to recharge(Please pay special attention to the amount). Hit ‘Misc’ tab, then choose 스마트문상’ or Smart moon or Smart Culture to recharge with VP card. Tick the agreement box to agree terms and policy, then click '결제하기' to open redeem window. How To Top Up KR Valorant Points VP 2
  • 3. Pop up redeem window. Click ‘추가’ to add mutiple input boxes. Input redeem codes, require to use the whole line codes together, code separated by commas. Tick the agreement box to agree terms and policy. Finally, hit '확인' to submit the rechargeable action.How To Top Up KR Valorant Points VP 3