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How to top up for China PSN Account eWallet

As many oversea gamers want to play the games under china Playstation, but they don't know how to top up for china PSN account eWallet.

First of all, you need a Mainland China PSN Account, you can try to create account by yourself or ask us to create it.

If you already have a China PSN account, visit https://www.playstation.com/zh-hans-cn/ to login your China PSN account,  please login on PC.

After logged your China PSN account on PC, then start to top up

  • Step1. click "支付管理" menutop-up-for-china-psn-account-step-1
  • step2. click "充值" buttontop-up-for-china-psn-account-step-2
  • step3. Choose "CUP" payment methodtop-up-for-china-psn-account-step-3
  • step4. Choose top up amount option, then click "继续" button to next pagetop-up-for-china-psn-account-step-4
  • step5. Give us payment URL of pop up window then we will pay for it. the URL similar as below (there is a sign argument in the URL, press "Esc" key quickly to catch when the URL show)

    Buy top up service here https://www.obtgame.com/playstation-network-china-account-game-in-cn-store.html    After bought top up service, please add our skype obtgame for your order.