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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • [Tutorial] Change Password For HeroWarZ Korean Account

    HeroWarz is a 2.5D action MMORPG developed by YunJong Kim behind DNF and Cyphers. The open beta was released on September 26, 2014. Some players want to play this game but can't find get verified HeroWarZ KR account for without korean iPin or KSSN. Two ways you can got the account, ask help from Korean friends or bought from agents like OBTGAME. If you have bought verified HeroWarZ KR account, don't forget to change password for you account. Most of guys want to change password after purchasing account from third party for security.

    Step 1: Access http://www.herowarz.com/index.main to login your account. BTW the HeroWarZ username must contain at least one Korean character.

    Login HeroWarZ KR Account Login HeroWarZ KR Account

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  • Change Password For Verified NosTale SE KR Account

    OBTGAME is a reliable seller for Korean online games account. Players bought account from us. We will provide the info to changing password. NosTale is a 2D animed styled fantasy MMORPG by the Korean developer Entwell. In NosTale, players can catch various pets, decorate their homes and more. Other countries' players can't register NosTale SE korean account for without ipin or KSSN. So if you want to buy one verified account, order Nostale SE KSSN account from OBTGAME. Once got verified Nostale SE account, don't forget to change password for security. Most of guys would liket to change password to secure their account. Please follow the guidlines step by step.
    Step 1: Access http://www.nostale.com/ to login your account. Input its ID and password.

    Login Nostale SE KR Account and Password Login Nostale SE KR Account and Password

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