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How to apply Lost Ark Korean CBT qualification?

Lost Ark 1st Closed Beta test time will be between August 24th–August 28th, 5 days. You have chance to WIN CBT qualification(maybe hard), and you will know whether win CBT qualification at August 22th.

First all you should get an verified Lost ark account, you can ask korean friends for help or buy from OBTGAME Also, Lost Ark require to use koran vpn to play, you may even can't login without korean vpn.

  • step1. login on http://www.lostark.co.kr/cbt, Lost Ark only support IE broswer(maybe not support Microsoft Edge)lost ark apply cbt login-1lost ark apply cbt login-2
  •  step2. After first login, IE browswer will let you install Lost Ark pluginlost ark apply cbt install plugin
  •  step3. Then website will pop up a window as below, just click the buttonlost ark apply cbt years 18
  •  step4. Input random phone number, tick agreement, check Your PC specificationslost ark apply cbt 1
  •  step5. Fill the form other fields, input somthing about the Lost Ark in the most anticipated(Please use korean characters), then submit form. lost ark apply cbt 2