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Tutorial use Nexon Cash GT Card to topup for nexon korea account

This tutorial is applicable for almost(99%) nexon games, for example MapleStory2, Tree Of SaviorDOTA2, FIFA3ElswordsCounter-Stiker onlineSudden AttackCloser, FIFAOL3 and so on, but not applicable for DNF, CYPHERS. Buy Verified Nexon Korean Account or Nexon-korean-cash-points

First, confirm your nexon cash is not blocked(otherwise would waste your money), check here https://www.obtgame.com/blog/why-my-nexon-account-cannt-use-cash-points-to-buy-items-in-game/

  • Step 1. Login at http://www.nexon.com/Home/Game.aspx?rf=gmobile If you cann’t find login section, click swith button.nexon switch button
  • Step2. Click topup button, then will popup agreement window nexon topup entry if you cann’t find topup button, close this blockto see nexon topup
  • Step3. Select all agreements, and click ok button then will goto topup pagenexon topup agreement
  • Step4. Select 에그머니 (GT Card), select points quantity, input card number,  ps: you can’t paste card number, but you can drag card number into input fieldnexon topup request
  • Step5. Completed, see toupup amount and available balancenexon cash completeUse cash points in maplestory 2use cash points in maplestory