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Why my nexon account need login with korean vpn

There are many games of nexon, for example MapleStory2, Tree Of SaviorDOTA2, FIFA3ElswordsCounter-Stiker onlineSudden AttackCloser and so on. Buy Verified Nexon Korean Account or Nexon-korean-cash-points

Some nexon gamers are curious about that some nexon account need login with korean VPN and anothers don’t need, this post will tell you why.

  • Step2. Click nickname, go to nexon account setting page, nexon account nicknameif you cann’t find nickname, close this blockto see nexon nickname
  •  Step3. Click login block menu, then input nexon password

nexon login blockinput nexon password

  • Step4. See if nexon account can international access, but it need korean phone number to change it(hard to unlock).nexon internetional access